Thursday, May 7, 2015

For Mother's Day
"The Chalkboard Garden"
MD Hobby is partnering up this month with
I decide to create a special garden chalkboard
for my Mother, so she can keep idea's, lists and
other items handy by writing them on this table chalkboard.
Here is a video on "how to"
MD Hobby Chalkboard (12x12 inches)
*Foam Core - Sizes: Chalkboard is 12x12 inches, I added
1/4 inch all around with 6 inch up then cut for house roof....and walls are 1.5 inch wide.
Bottom is varying sizes...that work with your "house" pieces.
* Masking Tape
* Gel Medium or White Glue with water added
*Tools: Scissors, ruler, knife to cut foam core, paint brushes
* Décor:  Raffia, flowers, bird etc.
Tips:  Use a good knife to cut the foam core. Use
a metal ruler to place your knife against and cut slowly.
The "house" will look patchy until you collage with the
vintage papers.  Don't worry this will all get covered by
the vintage papers.  Cover the whole, entire structure.
I used white glue watered down with a bit of water. 
Doing this will create a very strong piece!
I added the floral images after it dried, and the images
did bleed some, but I liked it.  It added to the vintage feel.
I also took my pink Gelato and did some minimal spots all over
the structure to create a cohesive look.  After its all dry
add your dé, bird, raffia or whatever you wish!
Have patience!! And at the end you will be proud of your creation!
Check out all the great supplies at
And check back next time for pretty
magnet creations for the Chalkboard Garden!!

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  1. Beautiful♥ Your Mother is fortunate to have a very talented Daughter♥

  2. Beautiful Chalkboard Project Corinne TFS xx