Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easel Cards
Easel cards are a nice change up from the normal
card design.  It allows the card to become 3-D.
Below are instructions for a twisted easel card.

Start with a 4.5x9 inch of scrapbook paper.
Fold in half. 

Then fold corner to corner on top half.
This fold allows the card to stand in easel stand.
It twists so it stands at an angle.  Makes for an interesting
By adding a chipboard piece the card is propped so
it stays in one position.
These cards are great for invitations, welcoming a new baby,
and happy birthdays.
Add images, flowers, and Altered pages partner
this month is Stencil 1.  There are many great selections
to add images or words to your easel creations.
I hope you give it a try!
Collage sheets:
Stencil 1 Sayings


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Did some designs with Lunagirl images for
the Crafting by Design blog!   Check it out!!

Pocket Letters created by Janette Lane visit her HERE.
Collage Sheets:

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring is the Beginning
Spring is a great time to celebrate for many reasons.
One of the best ways to express this time is with a
handmade banner.  This banner represents Easter, and
Springtime.  Made with Altered Pages sweet Easter and
Spring collage sheets, it is very welcoming and bright.
You begin with a 5x7 inch piece of scrapbook paper. I double
the banner to give it a sturdy foundation.  I then but the "V"
shape to make the banner flag.  I make three of these, and
you can either make them all the same or different.
Then of course you collage!  I have use several images from the
listing of Altered Pages collage sheets listed below.
I add gold hearts, and sayings to each banner.  I punch
holes around one inch in from edge of banner and just 1/2 inch
down from top.  I thread jute or you can use anything you like to
create hanger. Finally I created small word tags to add with Gelato's
and Stencil 1 sayings.
I hope you give this a try, and not just for
Easter or Springtime -- works for all times of the year!
Thanks for taking a look, and as always come on over
to AlteredPages Artsociates  Facebook page and show us
you work, we would love to see!
Until next time:  
Collage Sheets:
Scrapbook paper
Ribbon etc.