Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

WIP - Altered canvas with napkin collage.
*Madame Butterfly* 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My very first Finnabair-like work: very small 4x4 inch chipboard.
 *Imagine Your Dreams*
 The bling in the corners are for finger nails.....I found tiny little bottles of it in lots of colors.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Mini Junque Journal

Shabby Chic Mini Junque Journal

I am happy to have been asked to be a guest design team member for
Scrap Club for the month of August!  Club Scrap has wonderful kits
and products that suit all tastes.  Check out the website HERE!
For this project, I create a small shabby chic mini Junque Journal. 
Club Scraps papers are wonderful and have many colors
and designs.  
Here is how I made the journal:
I begin with cutting the papers to approx. 6.5x4.5 inches each.  I made 7 total signatures with
4 to 5 pages each, so around 30 to 35 pieces of a variety of papers for the pages.    The over all size of the book is 3.75x4.5 inches.  (You can of course have more or less signatures as you like, and make any size you prefer) 
To sew the signatures I punch 3 holes evenly spaced.  I create a template,
and use an old catalog to hold the signature in place while I punch the holes.
I then use book making thread and sew- cut a piece of thread about 18 inches long and starting at the outside middle hole, go in leaving a 5 inch tail.  Continue to the top hole, come out and
go all the way down the bottom hole.  Go through the bottom hole, and continue back
through the middle hole - straddling the long stitch on the outside of the signature.  Tie
a double knot and cut the thread, leaving a tail for each signature. 


Once you have created the 7 signatures, they then want to glue them together.
Doing one at a time, glue in order and make sure they are a facing the correct way,
I mark the tops to make sure I have them in alignment. 
Now comes the fun part! Making the cover.  I did a collage with papers, tissue paper, and coffee stained cheese cloth.  I also used ink to give it a grungy distressed feel.  I added flowers, small wood veneers, and fancy stripped thread to create that shabby chic feel.  Once this is all dry, you can glue to the front of the signatures. (the back of the book is just a general collage with same materials, to give it a cohesive look)  Finally I added pretty buttons to the signature threads to add some bling!

Viola!! You have now completed a pretty and fun Junque Journal for all those
small pieces of paper you have laying around.  This journal can be a mini album or
an actual writing journal as well. Make it your own!!
Please check out HEATHER WOODS  creation for the hop --
and keep hopping to see everyone's lovely creations!

Scrapbook papers - various colors and designs
Small wood veneers
Paper and ribbon flowers - various colors and sizes
Bookmaking Thread
Awl (for making signature holes)
Inks and Gesso
Cheese Cloth
Scissors, ruler, glue


Saturday, August 1, 2015



My Ancestors


My Grandmother: Addley

Addley with her sister

Grandmother (Addley) and Grandfather (William)

Grandfather William